The Medical School Dictionary

Eric Fulmer

Relax: The act of studying in a state of comfort

Hang out:  The act of studying as a group

Sleep:  Undefined….

Alright, so maybe it’s not as bad as all that, but it is common knowledge that medical students don’t have much free time.

Out home, the Health Sciences Education Building

Luckily, here at the USC School of Medicine Greenville we have an awesome student lounge to spend our spare time in.Located in the rotunda of the Health Sciences Education Building on the third floor, the lounge provides an awesome view of the surrounding hospital campus.


Nearly every day during lunch, a group of students can be found hanging out while eating and watching TV.  I have also personally used the lounge for napping during study breaks on several occasions. This room also provides a space for special events.  The picture below is the lounge all dressed up for the Experience the Dream Gala last fall.