La Partida Bonita

The sweltering August sun beat down on the less than even grass outside the front doors of the HSEB. The added gift of South Carolina humidity hung heavy over our makeshift field like a lattice of wet blankets. Despite the conditions, several faculty in suits, ties, and white coats milled around expectantly, while Casey, our financial aid officer and volunteer referee, donned a black shirt and began stretching. 

You mean hanging out in the Friday afternoon heat isn’t your ideal week ending activity? Too bad, because the M1 vs. M2 soccer game was on, and it drew quite an impressive crowd. Professors and administrators came out to watch, smiling with shrewd ambivalence when you asked which team they supported. Dr. Trilk patrolled the sidelines with water and ice packs (just one sprained ankle this time) and students from both classes mingled together, players and spectators alike.

While the M2’s experience prevailed this time, it was a good natured series of matches with all the requisite celebrations, missed opportunities, and vehement protests aimed at the referee. From the referee’s hilarious “ejection” of a faculty protester gone too far, to the class team photos and pick-up game afterwards, it was a testament to the friendship and hospitality of both the charter class and the administration. It was only my first Friday as a medical student, but it looks like I chose a pretty good place to spend the next four years.     





Ben DeMarco


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