The Art that is Medicine

Medicine is an art gallery- full of brilliant paintings that were each created to be appreciated, respected, and evaluated for her beauty and tale.

All the stories of unforgettable adventures, of newly kindled love, of inspiring realizations, and of tumultuous troubles are articulated from the various strokes and colors depicted upon each canvas.

Each painting, like a patient, is exquisite, uniquely telling a story that although may look similar to another in its vicinity is colored in different shades of the same pigment that has its own story to be discovered and understood.

Various shades of red…
From the lacy cheeks of a child who has parvovirus B19,
From the insect bite of a camper that progressed to a worrisome cellulitis,
From the the heart in fibrillation that the emergency physician is attempting to beat back into rhythm

Various shades of blue…
From the young woman whose bruises from an abusive husband have finally started healing,
From the waves of tears and frustration shed at the nature of the unfair cards that the beast that is life deals,
From the gentle and delicate soul of a young man struggling to handle his gender identity who wishes to be heard and treated honorably

Various shades of yellow…
From the first rays of warm sunshine that a new infant gets to feel,
From the overwhelming relief and sense of joy that breaths new life into a grandparent when the words “cancer free” resound in the air,
From the palpable joy of gratitude at being weaned off a ventilator and taking the first spontaneous breath

We, like art curators, are given the honorable task to care for our paintings who are our patients. We have not only the duty and respect to uncover, but also the blessing to help in painting the shades of color that will forever compose the picture that our patients carry with them. This art that they exhibit makes up the gallery that is medicine…full of masterpieces that each tell a tale.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go uncover the beautiful mystery that is waiting right in front of you.



Irina Geiculescu

Ethnically, 100% Romanian, and nationally, 100% American, I was born in Seneca, South Carolina and have lived in the Clemson/Easley area my whole life. I graduated with a B.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering, Materials Emphasis, from Clemson University. Athlete, scholar and former competitive pianist, I try to maintain a balanced mind, body and soul. I am ecstatic and blessed to be attending USCSOMG and to be part of the wonderful Class of 2020, beginning the journey that propelled me into medicine: pursuing the principle of people first.

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