The Well

The following poem by M3 Carrie Bailes was written in honor of our teacher and friend Dr. Stanley Von Hofe. Although Dr. Von Hofe is no longer with us, his lessons and legacy live on.

The Well

We were thirsty for knowledge
and you shared with us
from the well of your wisdom.

A well whose deep stores were hard-earned.
Full of skills and smarts
accrued in the deluge of hours worked
before the anyone knew what an 80 hr work week was.

We were clumsy at first,
but you carefully brought up to us
buckets full of your water,
bittersweet with the sweat of hard work
and the tears of terrible news.

Trying to cup it all in our hands
we felt all of that new medical knowledge
leaking right through our fingertips.

But you showed us how to hold our hands.
to examine, to learn, to carefully percuss and palpate.
To never be afraid to go back, listen,
and soak up more.

You will always fill our minds.
You will forever be a part of our practice.
You gave and gave until your last days
And one day we will be able to give all the wisdom back
In the legacy of your great healing rain.



Carrie Bailes

I’m a lifelong South Carolina resident originally from Clover, SC.  In my undergraduate years I spent my days going to the beach and frequently tripping over cobblestones while attending the College of Charleston. I graduated in 2015 with a degree in Biology and Neurosciences and spent a year playing with rats in a neuroscience addiction lab at MUSC before continuing my education. I’m thrilled to continue my tour of the state in Greenville and am enjoying all the great spots to read outside here. I believe USCSOMG has an untouchable sense of community and dedication to patient care, and I’m so grateful and excited to be a part of the class of 2020!

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