“No day is ever mundane, no day is ever wasted.”

About three months ago, I got a call that changed my world. My mom was taken to the hospital with a heart rate pushing 200… crazy high! She spent the day seeing different specialists, and it was determined she had atrial fibrillation. After seeing a cardiac electrophysiologist, it was determined she should have a cardiac ablation procedure. As far as surgery goes, cardiac ablation is a relatively simple procedure. My mom had no other major health conditions, and all signs pointed to a quick hospital stay with a very fast recovery. However, my mom is not always the best when it comes to doctors (sorry to throw you under the bus), and she was more than a little nervous. I told her that if she could get the surgery scheduled for my spring break, I would fly back home to go to the hospital with her.

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Positive Exposure Zone

Fashion photographer Rick Guidotti used to look through the lens of his camera every day, capturing the beauty of high fashion models. His standards were prescribed for him; conventional beauty standards for the types of bodies and faces allowed to grace the covers of Elle magazine and Harper’s Bazaar.

Until one day Rick decided to go off-label.

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Reflections on the Eclipse

The lights lining the walkway to the hospital flickered on. The crescent of the sun was shrinking by the second. A countdown emerged, as if we were waiting for the ball to drop on New Year’s Eve. There was a sense of excitement electrifying the crowd. Students, doctors, nurses, professors, families, and construction workers filled the lawn outside – specs of white coats, red EMT polos, and blue scrubs stark against the green grass.

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Dear Class of 2021

Congratulations on matriculating into your first year of medical school. You have worked hard to reach this accomplishment, which is indeed a privilege, and you are one of the chosen 3%. I have written you a letter to help guide you through your first year as a student doctor and will hopefully provide insight for the year to come.

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Those “Soft Lectures” Matter

Ms. Gomez was sick. She didn’t know or understand what the problem was, but she was told to get to the doctor’s office by the end of the month. Unfortunately, that news arrived at the same time as a letter summoning her to re-certify for welfare benefits at the Department of Social Services. That’s where I met her.
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Self EKG: What’s Your Rhythm?

We are pleased to introduce the blog editor for 2017-2018: Irina Geiculescu. Irina attended Clemson University and is currently in her second year of medical school. The following poem, written by our new editor, is a great kick-off to the year and intriguing inquiry into the states of our hearts:  Continue Reading →

Humans of GVL: Anna Quantrille, Part 3

Here is Part 3 in our Humans of Greenville series about Anna Quantrille, M.D. Here she talks about the personal growth she experienced in medical school.
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Humans of GVL: Anna Quantrille, Part 2

For our second Humans of Greenville post, Anna Quantrille explains the Match Day process.

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Humans of GVL: Anna Quantrille

In the spring, Humans of Greenville (@humansofgvl on Instagram) did a series of posts about Class of 2017 student Anna Quantrille, M.D. Dr. Quantrille is currently in residency in med-peds at the University of Tennessee in Memphis. Follow along for the next few posts to read more about her residency match experience.  Continue Reading →

Through the Lens of a Medical Student

The following photos were taken by M2 Raychel Simpson throughout her various travels and during the academic year. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work, Raychel. (Header photo by Raychel Simpson) Continue Reading →