Recognizing your Own Beauty

Do you know how amazing you are?

After reading this next paragraph, I would like for you, the reader, to take a few minutes to close your eyes. I want you to feel the weight of your body against the surface you may be sitting on. Take a moment and focus on your breathing. With each breath, feel the oxygen rich air entering into your chest cavity, flowing deep into your lungs. Breathe out the excess air. After a minute or two, open your eyes. Look around the room and bring your hands up in front of your face. Slowly wiggle your fingers and let your hands touch one another. Continue Reading →


Monday Night Lights

Lacing up my cleats, I looked across the field and saw familiar faces, which was a first. Even though it was only our second game, it was the only time during the season that our M1 intermural soccer team, “Multiple Scorosis,” was matched up against “Nothing But Netters,”opponents we actually knew off the field. I had butterflies in my stomach and wasn’t exactly sure why. Maybe it was because this was the Monday of test week? Because of the giant M2 and M3 who looked like they could take me out with one swift kick? Or maybe the fact that my overplayed shin guards from high school felt like they had seen better days. Continue Reading →


Answer the Call

Walmart’s tossed out the black and orange and brought in the red and green—must be November 1. And as I hang up my costume this year I’m reminded of the time when costumes meant that lady down the street from Grandma would put out a HUGE pot of candy that read, “Have at it.” After pillaging this pot of gold I’d go knocking on all the other neighbors’ doors and demand they choose one of two options, to which they always chose the latter (I can’t say I complained). Upon my return, my grandmother would look at the mound of tooth-destroyers I had amassed and tell me “Now, Jeremiah, everything in moderation.” And although I’m sure at the time she spoke of my post-Halloween candy, I can tell you from experience that her words are wisdom for more than just the diet. Looking back at what happened last year, I wish I had applied them in more areas of my life. Continue Reading →


Healthy Perspectives from a Medical Student

I never thought that I would lead a healthier lifestyle once in medical school. I assumed that the long days and late nights of copious, tedious work would drive me towards unhealthiness. I envisioned my head in the books while eating some fast food with no thought of physical activity. Why would I want to spend time in the gym or running outside when there is so much schoolwork to do? Despite my love for sleep, I could increase my study time with the help of caffeine. I thought that free time would be obsolete until I finished my medical training one day in the future. I honestly believed that my body would have to endure the brutality of the medical school spectrum: insomnia, stress, fatigue, poor diet, isolation, hypertension, emotional distress, and the inability to ever breathe fresh air. Continue Reading →

Wife Kitty, Sons Ryan (left), Tyler (center), me, Brett (right)

The Most Interesting Man in Microbiology: Catching up with Dr. Hodinka

Recently I had the privilege of sitting down with Dr. Rick Hodinka, a clinical microbiologist by training and a virologist by trade and one of USCSOM Greenville’s newest faculty.   His impressive clinical experience and prolific publication list speak for themselves, and the M2’s have already been lucky enough to see his passion for teaching at work in our Biomedical Principles of Disease module (Drugs and Bugs for short). Read on to find out more about what helped bring him down to Greenville, SC from the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania and Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania (other than obvious climate advantages), his southpaw past, and why he’s more famous than the Dos Equis guy with the class of 2017. Continue Reading →


Let’s Talk about Football…

It’s football season, and we have had no shortage of drama to hear about this season. Unfortunately, we have been overwhelmed by stories of abuse tainting the usual football news about upsets, Heisman candidates, bowl game predictions….and this news has permeated both college and NFL football.

The accusation of sexual assault against Jameis Winston, followed by sexually explicit comments made publicly on campus. The video of Ray Rice hitting his then fiancé until she could not stand. The concerns that Adrian Peterson used too much force in punishing his son. Continue Reading →


Weekend Getaways

I think one of the most important things in medical school is to remind yourself that there is life outside of studying. One of my favorite ways to get my mind off of school is to take a day trip or even get away for the whole weekend. Thankfully, Greenville is only a few hours away from lots of cool places: Atlanta, Asheville, Charleston, and Charlotte, just to name a few. There’s something refreshing about getting your mind off of school, breathing in fresh air outside of a study room, and talking with non-medical friends about what is happening in the real world. Continue Reading →


10 Questions for a Recently Engaged Medical Student

Big news recently – I got engaged a few weeks ago! It’s obviously a very exciting time of life, and I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what it’s like to be engaged as a medical student. Considering that there are at least 12 people in my class who are engaged (Class of 2017) and even more in other classes here at USCSOMG, I’ll attempt to answer some of the most common questions I’ve heard about engagement during medical school Continue Reading →

Lee Buhr Rivalry Photo

Friend or Foe?

Manning and Brady. Ronaldo and Messi. Magic and Bird. Superstar rivals vying for supremacy. Competition between them is fierce and unyielding, and if we’re honest with ourselves as medical students, it is this same competitive spirit that has enabled us to be where we are today. I mean let’s remove the niceties here and be transparent about this: we all to some degree desire to be the best. That type of attitude is almost a prerequisite to carrying M.D. at the end of your name. Whether it’s class rank, MCAT, or Step 1, we’re constantly being evaluated for how we perform compared to our colleagues; in fact, this can be the deciding factor in our career. Poor scores on Step 1 or the MCAT can eliminate the possibility of certain residencies or even the possibility of medical school at all. Continue Reading →

1jess-IMG_1790 (3)

Achieving My Unimaginable

September 28, 2014 at 2 p.m. I will never forget the date and time of my white coat ceremony. This moment was not only special for me but for my family. I am the first person in my family (including all of my cousins, aunts, and grandparents) to become a physician. They are still in awe over my career path. They squeal over my Anatomy lab dissection stories and become entranced when I discuss the male and female reproductive system. It is exhilarating to know that I am on the right path to achieving my dream while surrounded by family members who want to be a part of the experience. Continue Reading →