Married to Medicine

Medicine is a jealous spouse.
It beckons you at all times of day and night, without end.
It pervades every action, every conversation, every thought, every decision, present and future.
It both builds and ruins relationships and can ask more of you than you ever thought possible.
Medicine is a jealous spouse, but doesn’t have to be yours.

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Failure in Medicine: The Greatest Teacher

Those that know me know I absolutely love Star Wars. From fantastic action scenes to the overall story of good versus evil, I think it represents one of the best film sagas of all time. One aspect of the series that I think is most underrated is the life lessons that the films impart. People like to focus on memorable quotes from the original films like Yoda’s famous “Do or do not. There is no try” or Darth Vader’s infamous revelation “I am your father.” While I love these moments, one of the more recent movies, The Last Jedi, contained a quote that perfectly connects my love of medicine with that of Star Wars. Continue Reading →

Honesty and Hope in Life and Death

2018. For my fellow class of 2020-ers and me, the year of Step 1. The end of the academic years, the beginning of the clinical years. The end of student-ing, the beginning of real learning. It’s a tough transition to be sure, but a welcome one by all of us.
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A Male Student on OB/GYN: A Period Piece

Third year rotations are generally daunting enough on their own. You’re essentially thrown in to a new job with new bosses and expectations on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis. It’s a whirlwind of confusion and stress, and, to make it worse, you’re underqualified for whatever task that you’re attempting to do. But it’s all part of the learning process and you largely leave the rotation feeling educated and capable at a basic level.

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The Well

The following poem by M3 Carrie Bailes was written in honor of our teacher and friend Dr. Stanley Von Hofe. Although Dr. Von Hofe is no longer with us, his lessons and legacy live on.

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Gratefully Motivated

Motivation can be found in unique places and as a medical student; constantly renewing that source of motivation is a key to success.

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What’s In Your White Coat?

Below is a smattering of photos collected by M3 Anna Tarasidis depicting what her classmates carry in their white coat pockets. This Sunday is the Class of 2022’s White Coat Ceremony, in which they will receive their white coats and recite their Class of 2022 White Coat Oath for the first time together. With a careful balance of respect and celebration, this day is an important reminder of the magnitude of the profession of medicine.

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A New Beginning

One thousand, three hundred and ninety-one days lie ahead of us as first-year medical students. These are days to which many forewarn – the compilation of immense stress, challenge, and fatigue that we have yet to experience.  Yet as we begin this journey, there is the notion of hope. A hope that although what lies in front of us may be daunting, we will prevail as a new generation of patient-centered physicians.

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The Art that is Medicine

Medicine is an art gallery- full of brilliant paintings that were each created to be appreciated, respected, and evaluated for her beauty and tale.

All the stories of unforgettable adventures, of newly kindled love, of inspiring realizations, and of tumultuous troubles are articulated from the various strokes and colors depicted upon each canvas.

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“Pain and Fear, Relief and Joy”

I’ve been contributing to this blog for a few years now, and every entry seems to eventually come around to this one idea: how much I love being a medical student and how much deeper that feeling is each time I reflect upon it. My class’s 3rd year of medical school started in May 2017. In that month alone, I saw more patients than I had ever seen before, at least ten-fold. As suggested by an upperclassman, I kept a shorthand diary on patients who struck me academically, emotionally, or humorously. The joy of first learning inevitably fades with time, and this diary is my reminder.
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