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White Coat: Walking Office, Washed Frequently

I’ve entered my third year of wearing white coats. You read that right – I have two white coats: one to wear while I wash,…

Snippets of Professional (Medical) Student Life

Like every other M2 student at USCSOM Greenville right now, I’m studying for Step 1. Preparations began months ago when I started working through Q-bank…

A March Student Snapshot

Even lunch is an opportunity to learn for medical students, as illustrated by this photo of a recent lecture sponsored by the OBGYN Interest Group….

A February Student Snapshot

Saturday, February 8th: Thomas Cochran (M2), Ryan Smith (M1), Mauro Chaves (M2) and I (M2) taking blood pressures and promoting health education at Greenville Health…


Medical school is tough – I couldn’t do it without friendship. My friends come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors from all over the place….


Students’ organic garden

The student-led Medical Roots Garden Group at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville has been harvesting it’s crops for a few weeks now….

The Art of Note Taking

Art is in the eye of the beholder. To medical students – and probably to our faculty – a good set of notes is a…

Straight to the Point

While studying microbiology and pathogens in basic science classes, we learned and practiced related procedures in our clinical classes. Here are M2s in their lumbar…

Medicine Is Practiced

Our patient seized wildly in her hospital bed. A team of nine rushed into the room. One at the head of the bed called orders….

M2 Meditation

In writing and in medical school, pacing is important. Choose words carefully. Hear the sounds they make. Listen to your tone. Review your product. Reduce…