Orientation Excitement

The genuine excitement and nervousness was tangible as 54 of us entered the lecture hall on our first day of medical school. It was clear we all had been waiting for this day a very long time. Everyone looked a little bewildered, a little unsure, and wearing their game faces. Underneath our diverse appearances, however, was a shared countenance of wonder and delight that could not be held back.

I know how I felt the day I found out I got into this school: pure joy and an urge to jump up and down, soon accompanied by a wave of relief. No more MCATs, no more confusing AMCAS technicalities, no more essays to explain invaluable life experiences in 500 words or less…the list goes on. The anxiety that went into the applications was over, and I could dream about becoming the physician I aspire to be in a place I know will nurture my goals. Many of my classmates have told me about their similar experiences. I’m not sure if we all celebrated quite the same way, but I do believe we felt some of the same strong emotions.

As I have begun to get to know my peers these first two weeks, I have loved hearing the stories that brought each of them here. None are the same, but already there is a distinct bond between us based on the fact that we are all here. Our school is as unique as each of us, unlike any other school in history, and the mutual reasons we came here connect us. We have a lot to learn about medicine, ourselves and each other, but I already feel confident that by combining our strengths, helping each other in weaknesses and working together with humility, we can reach a higher potential than we are capable of alone. 

Megan Epperson


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