M2 Meditation

In writing and in medical school, pacing is important. Choose words carefully. Hear the sounds they make. Listen to your tone. Review your product. Reduce repeats of anything you don’t want resounding. Collect and connect your thoughts: sentence-to-sentence, paragraph-to-paragraph, piece-to-piece. Review, associate, integrate, and review. Don’t fixate on errors within each word or work. Don’t over think. Make decisions knowing you might be wrong. You will be incorrect. Dare to create anyways.

In EMT work and in medical school, pacing is important. Scene safety, BSI: look after your health to continue caring for others. Maintain essential A, B, C’s. Breathe and don’t lock your knees. Lift from those knees, not your back. Get used to using your knees in supplication or humility, even if just metaphorically. Don’t break backs of generous instructors sharing their experience with you. Never forget whose shoulders you stand on. Lose any chips you might carry on yours. Live chips all in and do your best work.

In the second year of medical school, pacing is important. A giant juggling of school, extracurriculars and board preparation begins. I am already having a great time :). I love creative processes challenging me to excel within constraints. Life can be lived as a creative process, challenging anyone to excel within constraints. I owe you explanations of how I spent my summer. I also plan to share more about favorite instructors with you. Today isn’t the day. We’ve started back full swing with an infectious disease unit. (Spectacular ending goes here. Fan the communicable flames of excitement for my medical school: the coolest challenge in my life thus far.)

Jennifer Reinovsky


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