Nature’s Energy

As August drew to a close, “real medical school” began for the M1s. We are continuing to train for our EMT (emergency medical technician) certification, but we have started a module called “Structure and Function I” as well, which is made up of radiology and anatomy lectures and lab. I was definitely excited to start learning more, but by the end of the week I felt more exhausted than I had at the end of finals in undergrad. So how to relax?

 When I feel stressed or overwhelmed there are a few things I often turn to. One is calling a friend or family member, and I have certainly done that more than once. I am blessed to have a group of supportive people I can turn to whenever I need some encouragement. Another is listening to music; lyrics and harmonies remind me of different places and times, and help me remove the blinders that often do more harm than good. Sometimes cleaning can even be a soothing exercise!

Greenville’s Swamp Rabbit Trail – the perfect escape

But the most reliable way to de-stress that I know about, is to look outside. Good thing Greenville has lots of nature to offer! Whether it is stepping out onto the pavilion between lectures, or glimpsing out a window in the anatomy lab, something about nature is peaceful to me. And after a long day of classes, a run on the Swamp Rabbit Trail gives me the energy to study for a few more hours. Some of my classmates have already been exploring the many hiking trails nearby!  

While I know this is just the beginning of our stressful, but exciting, four-year journey, taking a step into nature fills me with more than enough contentment and confidence to keep taking steps in the right direction.

Megan Epperson


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