With a Little Help from My Friends

The first few weeks of our medical education began with EMT training. We adjusted to the long hours of school, beginning our days at 8:00 a.m., and ending class at 5:00 p.m., only to know we had to go home and review what we covered during the day. I thoroughly enjoyed EMT labs, which helped me apply lectures to real skills. My fellow classmates and I completed two written exams, and two practical exams in these first few weeks, trying our best to start off with good grades, and gain some confidence in ourselves for the upcoming year.

 Then, the next week began. Structure and Function of the Human Body I is our second course that opens up our first year of medical school, and it includes anatomy and radiology. I was really looking forward to my first anatomy class; I think the human body is amazingly complex and interesting, and it’s one of my many reasons for choosing this profession. Everyone says that the hardest part about medical school is getting in, and I thought I was prepared for what I was getting in to; however, anatomy has taken me by surprise, and suddenly I find myself gasping for breath.

I felt overwhelmed by the wave of information that hit me in just a week. I have had doubts and moments of fear, wondering if I will be able to make it through this year and achieve the goals I have set up for myself. I knew I would have to make an adjustment, but I did not think that I would find adjusting so difficult.

So where do you run to and to whom do you turn when you feel lost? Thankfully, I have chosen a school that will not let me fail. I am surrounded by amazing people who are struggling just as much as I am, but together, we will succeed. I have found great support and friendship with my other classmates, and I have my family and friends who continue to remind me why I was chosen to attend this school.

A moment of pride, accepting my white coat from Dean Youkey.

I know medical school and my career will have its ups and downs, and I will likely doubt my capabilities again. But, with the help of those around me, I will pick myself back up and make it through these next four years. I have chosen a great place to complete my medical education. I will wear my first white coat proudly, and remain determined to succeed and become a passionate physician. 

Laura Simon


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  • Rob Smith - 4 years ago

    The anatomy of a medical student ; the most talented of their peers, strongest, smartest, highly motivated and innovative,articulate as well as compassionate, and most of all human.
    Good luck to you all, each and everyone of us need you more than any other professional in our lives. Don’t stop practicing.