EMT Disaster Drill Flashback

On the eve of our second annual EMT disaster preparedness exercise, we’d like to share images from last year. If it were possible, we’d share the adrenaline rush, the sweat, the nerves, the scrambling, and laughter with you, too. These drills are incredibly intense and require tremendous help from our friends in Greenville, SC – police, fire, EMS, Greenville Health System – and our own faculty led by Dr. Tom Blackwell to stage. Although it’s a simulation, it’s very real to the M1 medical students who have to respond as professionals. Enjoy these images and join us in wishing the M1s good luck tomorrow!

Our leader, Dr. Tom Blackwell

One of the two training scenarios involved an office disaster with possible chemical leak, simulated of course. M1s had to move victims to safety, which took muscle!

The second training scenario involved assessing vehicle crash victims with emergency response professionals.

Med school faculty gladly volunteered to serve as accident victims.

There were multiple victims in the vehicular crash simulation.

A team of M1s from last year’s drill posed before the action began.


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