Last week, as I gathered with loved ones to be thankful for our blessings, I couldn’t help but think about the people who make health, among the greatest of blessings, possible.

In my time at Greenville Health System (GHS), I’ve been fortunate to interview hundreds of patients who have benefited significantly from our care and felt called to share their story. Some were only able to celebrate Thanksgiving this year because a competent physician and care team provided life-saving treatment. Many more had potentially fatal disease identified and treated early, before they could be considered a threat. It’s incredible to imagine how many holiday celebrations are complete because of physicians and other healthcare professionals. I’m thankful for all of them.

I’m also grateful for those who provide the resources and training required to produce the people who care for our health needs: the staff the University of South Carolina (USC) School of Medicine Greenville and our other academic partners, as well as the donors who give to academic programs.

Giving is the fuel the propels the shared vision of GHS and USC School of Medicine Greenville – to transform health care for the benefit of the people and communities we serve – forward.­ It provides scholarships to train physicians, lifting some of the huge burden of medical education debt from their shoulders. It allows GHS and the medical school to conduct research that will change the way we care for our communities. It allows both organizations to be their very best, even as budgets tighten.

For everyone who gives of their time, talent and treasure to build better health care for our communities, I am grateful!

Physicians, nurses, and other health professionals are working long hours, providing compassionate, loving care in hospitals and other facilities all over the country this holiday season. Please take a moment to be thankful for them and those that helped equip them to care for our communities.



Zach Price

About Zach Price
Zach writes and produces print media for the GHS Office of Philanthropy and Partnership and coordinates stewardship for its philanthropic programs.


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