Snippets of Professional (Medical) Student Life

Like every other M2 student at USCSOM Greenville right now, I’m studying for Step 1. Preparations began months ago when I started working through Q-bank questions and reviewing notes from my first and second medical school years. Often people think of medical students as “pre-doctors.” Presently, I identify more strongly with the title “professional student.” I collected a few photos of my notes to give you an idea of what I’ve been sifting through. The first nine photos are first-year medical student notes. Photos 10 through 15 are some of my notes from this year.

Thoughts for professional student and recreational student friends out there: Don’t be afraid to invest what it takes to learn material. Don’t be afraid of being a dork. Just be dorky, if that’s who you are. Sometimes, it takes a lot of time and repetition to learn something. Sometimes, it takes a silly story or a mnemonic. Most of the time, a mixture of both is best. Pay attention to what works for you and your memory. Pay attention to yourself, then support yourself as long as you continue learning and moving towards your goals. Maybe some of these photos will give you some cool ideas for your own notes. If nothing else, maybe they can give you a tiny glimpse into medical student life — with an emphasis on the studying part!




Jennifer Reinovsky

Jennifer Reinovsky

I am a nontraditional student from neighboring Pickens County. I fully realized my passion for medicine after graduating from Furman University in Greenville, SC, and exploring other career options. I hope for gracious clarity and surplus autotelic activity. I love tea, cooking, writing, reading, swimming, and hiking. I am not certain what kind of physician I should be, but I look forward to the process of discovery here at USC School of Medicine Greenville.

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