Sutures, Casting and Labor: A Post-Exam Saturday

This weekend, several medical students from USCSOM Greenville participated in the Rebecca S. Seignious Family Medicine Interest Day in Columbia, S.C. The day’s festivities began with lunch and conversation with medical students and doctors representing the eight family medicine programs across the state.

Students were able to participate in four workshops of their choosing throughout the day. My number one interest for my future specialty is sports medicine, so I went for the casting, suturing and joint injections workshops, and I chose infant delivery as my 4th workshop.

Fellow M2 Megan Epperson and I practiced casting on each other – my first attempt at casting! I managed to save a fake break in Megan’s arm.

Laura2 Laura1

Suturing was also something I had never practiced, but it’s a very necessary clinical skill. We practiced tying knots on fake, rubbery skin. It didn’t look like practiced surgeon skill status, but I loved finally getting the chance to perform that skill!

We practiced joint injections on rubbery mannequin knees and shoulders. Here is the knee, complete with the possibility of feeling bony structures underneath – if you don’t aim your needle in the right direction!








At the delivery workshop, we learned how to resolve a shoulder dystocia. This occurs when a baby’s shoulder get stuck behind a mother’s pelvis during delivery. We were taught the HELP ERRRR mnemonic and practiced birthing babies with Noel, everyone’s favorite talking mannequin mom in labor. We also learned how to apply suction and use forceps in assisting delivery.

Students were also invited to attend a dinner program following the workshops. This gave us the opportunity to talk with representatives from each family medicine residency in South Carolina and other nearby states to make connections and learn about the programs.

Saturday was awesome and a very productive day. It’s always great to practice some clinical skills following a heavy book and study exam week!



Laura Simon

Laura Simon

I was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, but have lived in Greenville for the past 13 years. I graduated with a degree in Biochemistry in May 2013 at Virginia Tech, where I swam for the varsity team. My pursuit of a career in medicine began with my interest in biochemistry and physiology. I really enjoy reaching out to my community and interacting with people. I am excited to begin my medical career and make an impact at USC School of Medicine Greenville, where I can become a well-rounded, compassionate and successful physician, improving the lives of my patients.