There’s always time for football

The weather has been getting cooler. A slight change in color to the trees is visible… Pumpkin spice is popping up everywhere! And everyone else who didn’t start medical school in July can now consider this the beginning of the fall season! More importantly, football season is in full effect!

Down south, where pro football takes the backseat, college football is a hot commodity. Everyone in the upstate gets very excited this time of year, enjoying tailgating and some Clemson and USC football. Now, the question is, in the busy life of a medical student, is there time for such things?

Of course! I personally enjoy putting a game on TV as background noise for my studies… sometimes the background noise grabs my full attention while other times I get upset enough at my team that I have to mute the television. But my favorite thing is the opportunity to ATTEND games!!

As a student of USCSOM Greenville, I should technically be rooting for the Gamecocks. As graduate students, we have the opportunity to enter the Student Ticket Lottery (good news for you USC fans who are considering applying). But I rarely take advantage of this opportunity. It’s not that I’m not thankful… And obviously, it’s not because I don’t enjoy football,…the excitement of a loud, crowded stadium, tailgating, the thrill of a win… It’s because I am not a Gamecock fan.

I am a fan of another bird… the Hokie bird!

Virginia Tech is in Blacksburg, VA, a beautiful small town (especially in the fall) and is a fantastic school. It was there where I swam and studied for 4 years prior to my medical education. There’s nothing better than jumping to Enter Sandman at the start of a game and cheering along with a sea of maroon and orange. Those are the games I love!

As a medical student, you work long, grueling hours, trying to learn the details of all the diseases, anatomical parts of the body, etc. Sometimes you get lost in the material and look up only to realize your day has completely passed you buy. But something that is often stressed at our school is that students need to try to a well-balanced life. It helps you keep your sanity in such a fast-paced, high pressure world!

So, this fall I managed to take a little time for myself. I put hemotology/oncology aside and enjoyed some football in the beautiful fall weather in Blacksburg, VA, and reunited with some great friends. And yes, fortunately, the Hokies finally won a game.



Laura Simon

Laura Simon

I was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, but have lived in Greenville for the past 13 years. I graduated with a degree in Biochemistry in May 2013 at Virginia Tech, where I swam for the varsity team. My pursuit of a career in medicine began with my interest in biochemistry and physiology. I really enjoy reaching out to my community and interacting with people. I am excited to begin my medical career and make an impact at USC School of Medicine Greenville, where I can become a well-rounded, compassionate and successful physician, improving the lives of my patients.


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