M1 Reflections: Part 1

The following post is part one of a series about M1 reflections. Thanks to M1 Caitlin Li for compiling these!

We made it! We, the Class of 2019, the first full class of the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville, have completed our first year of medical school. In celebration of our achievement and progress, I have asked some of my fellow classmates to share their reflections on this past year.

Growth and Development

Wesley Dillard shared this story of personal growth:

“I’ve really enjoyed this year of med school, and for more than just the things I’ve learned in becoming a fraction of a doctor (ha). I’m a pretty reserved (nicer way of saying shy) guy, and I can honestly say that this year has really helped draw me out. Between new friends with common interests and awkward patient encounters, I overcame a lot of that shyness. I’m really thankful for this entire experience. I feel like it’s cliché to say it’s changed me, but it really has.”

Kelsey Williams shared the reawakening of her faith:

“Three months ago I slipped into a depressive state and nothing seemed to be going right. I was stuck in this never-ending rut of feeling inadequate and unworthy. When I hit an all-time low, I started to reflect—what had changed in my life? I entered medical school with all the hope, love and support I could ever desire, yet here I was halfway through my first year and I was feeling more alone than ever. It wasn’t because anyone had abandoned me; I had abandoned my faith. I wasn’t praying, let alone picking up a Bible. I thought I could do well in medical school without the One who made this all possible. I had a long conversation with my best friend and boyfriend Takim, who was feeling the same way. We decided that we were going to make a change. For the past two months, we have had weekly Bible readings together and have goals to pray daily. I apologized profusely, asked God for forgiveness—how could I be so careless? As the merciful God that He is, He has continued to bless this unworthy child of His abundantly. I have two paid internships this summer and was awarded a prestigious national scholarship. The blessings don’t stop there; He has given me back my bright outlook on life. I can now count my blessings rather than only seeing my trials, see every roadblock as an opportunity and better serve those around me. He has made a way out of no way for me in the past, and I have faith that He won’t stop here. The Lord is my Shepherd.”


Caitlin Li

I was born and raised in Spartanburg, South Carolina and attended Vanderbilt University for my undergraduate studies. I was heavily involved in Vanderbilt’s fencing club and musical volunteering at the Vanderbilt hospital before graduating in 2015 with a degree in biomedical engineering. I want to become a physician to help people pursue happiness in health and am honored and excited to study medicine at USC School of Medicine Greenville.

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