Breath of Fresh Air

Stop smelling the formaldehyde and stop to smell the flowers.

Take your head out of the textbooks and get up and take a walk.

Go outside, and in the process?
Take a breath of fresh air.

Understand that the whole world is around you, but doesn’t

Revolve around you.

Acknowledge that stress and anxiety constantly looms around the corner, but doesn’t

Overtake you.

Realize that worry can take your breath away, but doesn’t

Steal your optimism and faith.

Go outside and take a breath of fresh air.

This may be exactly what you need to truly realize the purpose of your journey, to remind you that the sacrifice, struggle, and long nights of studying are worth it.

Take a moment to realize the value of your efforts – the extra breath of fresh air that someone else will be able to take because of you.

Because of you…
A lover may be reunited with their sweetheart,
A dad may walk his daughter down the aisle,
A friend will stand again after a car accident,
A mom will be cancer-free and see her daughter grow up,
A grandparent will shed tears of happiness at the bedside of her recovering grandson.

Because of you,
A precious life, a scared patient, a fellow friend – will take a breath of fresh air.

Never forget why you were called to the path of medicine.
Go on a walk and remind yourself.
Go outside and take a breath of fresh air.

Do it for you,
Do it for your family,
Do it for your future patients.


Irina Geiculescu

Ethnically, 100% Romanian, and nationally, 100% American, I was born in Seneca, South Carolina and have lived in the Clemson/Easley area my whole life. I graduated with a B.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering, Materials Emphasis, from Clemson University. Athlete, scholar and former competitive pianist, I try to maintain a balanced mind, body and soul. I am ecstatic and blessed to be attending USCSOMG and to be part of the wonderful Class of 2020, beginning the journey that propelled me into medicine: pursuing the principle of people first.

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  • Jennifer Trilk - 2 years ago

    Wow! This is an incredible gift for the holiday season. Thank you for sharing!