Gratefully Motivated

Motivation can be found in unique places and as a medical student; constantly renewing that source of motivation is a key to success.

Getting to experience the Lominack Family Scholarship unveiling has become the next chapter of that personal motivation. Growing up, I originally dreamed of serving my country as a Marine Corps officer, having been instilled with the desire of servant leadership, leading from the front and serving my country. But I knew that in order to maximize the gifts that I had been given, I needed to serve my country as a military physician. Dr. Lominack epitomizes the characteristics exhibited by military officers and physicians alike, and that is demonstrated through his family’s generosity.

Patients don’t go home and tell their family what their physician’s board scores were or what their class rank in medical school was, but rather that they value their interaction based on the social capital the physician gave them. The time they spent with them. Their patience and their listening skills. These are what truly make a great doctor, and after getting to experience Dr. Lominack and his family, it is evident that his patients feel he embodies these qualities. It is such a refreshing realization to see the fruits of all the labor I am doing in school, knowing that in due time, I might be able to have the impact that Dr. Lominack and his family will have on generations of medical students at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville. Not only does this gift positively impact my current school but also my alma mater, Clemson University, as Dr. Lominack is a proud Clemson grad. And although his interest of cardiology doesn’t match my love of emergency medicine, he and his family set a  wonderful example for all doctors to follow in the commitment to the next generation of physicians.


Mason Jackson

Class of 2021 member Mason Jackson is a Fort Mill native and a graduate of Clemson University, where he majored in microbiology and was a part of the Calhoun Honors College. He is a officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve and intends on practicing Emergency Medicine after completion of school.

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