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Married to Medicine

Medicine is a jealous spouse. It beckons you at all times of day and night, without end. It pervades every action, every conversation, every thought,…

The Art that is Medicine

Medicine is an art gallery- full of brilliant paintings that were each created to be appreciated, respected, and evaluated for her beauty and tale. All…


Be Courageous and Have Heart

The unspoken. The monster under the bed. The unspoken. The shadow in the corner. 


On Presence

To be present – what does it mean? How do we arrive to it? How do we yield it as a necessary tool in our…

Self EKG: What’s Your Rhythm?

We are pleased to introduce the blog editor for 2017-2018: Irina Geiculescu. Irina attended Clemson University and is currently in her second year of medical…

The Value of a Pause

Pitter patter, in and out, pitter patter, in and out. What is medicine, but a never-ending race, a constant rush—a marathon.


Breath of Fresh Air

Stop smelling the formaldehyde and stop to smell the flowers. Take your head out of the textbooks and get up and take a walk. Go…

Patience for Patients

Everyone in the world has heard the cliché statement that patience is a virtue. It is the bread and butter of all desirable traits, of…