Positive Exposure

Imagine being a fashion photographer and photographing some of the most beautiful people in the industry. Imagine jetting off to New York, Milan, or Paris at a moment’s notice and working alongside fashion icons and supermodels. This was the life of award winning fashion photographer Rick Guidotti. Then, everything changed when he saw an albino girl on the streets of New York.

He described being mesmerized by her long, white hair and amazingly pale skin. The girl stepped onto a bus before Rick got a chance to take her picture, but his encounter with her prompted him to do some research on albinism. What he saw when he searched medical textbooks and encyclopedias was not what he was expecting. He found only cold, clinical pictures where peoples’ eyes were hidden from view by thick black bars and where white, sterile doctors’ offices were their backdrops. Rick was so surprised how these and other people with differences were recorded in medical literature that he set out on a mission to show the world the true beauty of these people and not just their diagnosis.


This is the origin of Positive Exposure, a not-for-profit organization, whose mission is to “utilize photography and video to transform public perceptions of people living with genetic, physical and behavioral differences – from albinism to autism”. Rick gave a brief synopsis of his story and then allowed us to look at photographs and videos he has taken of individuals from around the world. Rick’s work showcased that these children and adults are more than just a chromosomal abnormality or syndrome. They have unique personalities, interests, and enjoy having fun just like you and me. I could go on and on about the pictures and videos, but I believe it’s better to see his amazing work for yourself.


What an amazing reminder that at the end of the day we are treating human beings and not just a disease. Thank you, Rick, for your visit to USC School of Medicine Greenville and for the impactful images and videos you shared!

For another perspective on the visit by Rick Guidotti to Upstate South Carolina, read Greenville Health System’s most recent blog post:



Eleasa Hulon

Eleasa Hulon

I am a Greenville native and a graduate from the University of South Carolina, where I studied public health. After graduating in 2013, I took a gap year and worked as a dialysis technician in Anderson, South Carolina. Also during my time off from school, I got married (nine days before medical school started)! I am currently enjoying life in the upstate with my husband and am thrilled to be a member of the Class of 2018. Follow along as I journey through these next four years at USCSOM Greenville.

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