Summer in San Fran

This past summer, I had an amazing opportunity to intern at BridgeHIV in San Francisco, CA. I worked alongside doctors and researchers to discover effective prevention strategies that will reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS globally. I also had the opportunity to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS in the community, which included marching in Pride. Marching in Pride was such a surreal experience. It was a day of liberation, a day where men who could parade the streets as Beyoncé without an ounce of criticism or a transman could kiss a loved one in public. Everywhere I looked, there was love and acceptance. It was amazing to witness people set aside their differences and come together to celebrate one cause: equal rights for the LGTBQ community.

My time in San Francisco has taught me a lot about the physician I want to become. I look forward to working with patients of diverse backgrounds and helping them embrace their differences. I also want to advocate for and be more involved in the community. As future physicians, we are seen as leaders of the community. I believe it is important to advocate for issues that not only matter to us but to the community we serve. Our role extends beyond the exam room, and we should make it count. I look forward to making a positive impact within the community and hope that I can make the community that I will serve proud.

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams

I am a nontraditional student from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I attended Colby College in Waterville, Maine, where I majored in Spanish. After graduating from Colby, I lived in Boston, MA for four years, where I worked as a Bilingual (Spanish/English) Domestic Violence Advocate and then as a Medical Assistant. I am interested in global health and breaking cultural and linguistic barriers in health care.

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