Keep Going

Medicine is my dream.  It puts you to the test, figuratively and literally.  Being able to be in its presence is something that is earned and fought for.  It’s like Mt. Everest- a long treacherous hike, full of obstacles, to get to the reward at the top.  Medicine is not easy.

Medicine is sometimes selfish.  It’s sometimes like that clingy ex-boyfriend you can’t get to quit calling.  It doesn’t seem to care if you haven’t slept, eaten, or called your mom in two weeks.  It self-prioritizes itself to the top of the list every time. Unyielding, it demands all of you all the time.

It’s easy to lose yourself in medicine.  It can be easy to equate yourself to a number, to be consumed with test scores and the pressure of perfection.  It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the immense responsibility of another human life.

It’s hard to tell medicine “no.”  It’s hard to learn that medicine is not the only priority.  To be a servant leader is to not only serve those around you, but to also serve others by taking care of yourself.

There is something intricate, beautiful, and complex about every student’s relationship with medicine.  There is the excitement to think of the future, where we can truly be that hero we all dreamed of.  However, that future can sometimes seem distant and impossible.  Perseverance is crucial in situations like these.

We all remember the call from admissions, welcoming us to the medical school family.  We all remember the first day of orientation, full of joy and buzzing with excitement.  We all remember the first time a white coat was placed onto our backs, when we first felt its weight.  We all remember that first patient encounter, full of awkward moments, but followed up by loving encouragement.  We all remember why we’re here.  We all remember why we won’t give up.

Keep going.  You can do it.



Anna Tarasidis

Anna Tarasidis is a native of Greenwood, SC, and graduated in Bioengineering from Clemson University in 2016. You can most likely find her out on a hike, deep in some Netflix, loving on somebody’s dog, or, let’s be honest, in the library. She has a passion for people, whether by mentoring or teaching or just through a simple conversation.