A New Beginning

One thousand, three hundred and ninety-one days lie ahead of us as first-year medical students. These are days to which many forewarn – the compilation of immense stress, challenge, and fatigue that we have yet to experience.  Yet as we begin this journey, there is the notion of hope. A hope that although what lies in front of us may be daunting, we will prevail as a new generation of patient-centered physicians.

We have arrived in Greenville, South Carolina from all around the country. The diversity of our demographic and educational backgrounds is only superseded by the unique experiences that have brought us under the same roof. The calling of medicine has engulfed our minds for countless years as we tirelessly prepared for the MCAT, clawed through our AMCAS application, and eventually chose to become a part of the Class of 2022 at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville.

Driving to the hospital campus for school, we are reminded each day of the commitment that lies ahead of us. While extensive knowledge of biological pathways and robust pathophysiology await our attention, so does the immeasurable difficulty of telling a patient they have an inoperable tumor or informing a family that their loved one did not survive surgery. The sciences of medicine and the human body are complex and require hours of study, but we recognize that to truly be exceptional physicians, our duty is to be more than our medical textbooks.

There is a fear in us all. A feeling of potential inadequacy to deserve the privilege of practicing medicine. A question of how we somehow slipped through an admissions process that accepts a miniscule number of applicants across the country. Most substantially, the anxiety of how this new chapter will manifest itself into what we now know as our previous life.

Although there will be bumps in the road and darkness in the skies, we have arrived at a University that is committed to filling the potholes and casting away the clouds. The smiling faces of faculty and staff that peruse the hallways throughout the building supplies a satisfying comfort as we adjust to our new home. There exist resources to give the peace of mind that while there may be difficulties, we must never face them alone. With undeniable reasons to fear the awaiting journey, we are poised to undertake the obstacles ahead. We are prepared for the sacrifices that medicine may entail for not only ourselves, but our family and friends. As evidenced by the decision to attend medical school, we have never chosen the easy path.

Hippocrates famously stated, “Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.” As we embark on this experience, may we always hold near our love for medicine and fellow man. May we push ourselves to not only be better students and physicians, but better husbands, wives, sons and daughters. For in this new beginning, our future patients are relying on us.

Ross Lordo

I was raised in Fort Mill, South Carolina, before ultimately deciding to join in the family tradition and become a Gamecock. After creating memories of a lifetime and eventually serving as Student Body President, I graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2018 with a degree in public health and minor in business administration. I am a wannabe piano player, bicyclist, and take pride in my exquisite shower singing voice. I am excited for you to read more about this dream I am living here at the USCSOMG.


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